STUDY IN INDIAProviding Higher Education


Study in India is an educational project within Aidant Enterprise. Aidant Enterprise is in association with a couple of Educational Institutions in India to aid provides Better Avenue and quality education to students.

The affiliated colleges on the current list of the project are affiliated to Bangalore University (responsible for Arts, Business, Engineering, and Computer related courses), Mysore University (for Master’s Program), and Rajiv Gandhi University (for Health related courses). All the above mentioned Institutions are based in India.

This project is meant to help students maximize the opportunity of studying in a much friendly world class computerized environment with diverse educational experiences that will foster their development as global citizens. We stand to provide students with opportunities to develop the skills required to stand out and to be more competitive to address the challenges of our increasingly interconnected world.

Project Aim:

This project is Aimed at transforming the lives of students in terms of education by restoring hope and inspiring change in our global community.

Project Mission

This project is to help create an intermediary platform that assists students to get scholarship for various undergraduate and postgraduate programs in India.

Project Vision

Our vision is meant to sensitize students who are brilliant but needy to get the courage and the urge to explore in a more computerized environment, and to help minimize the financial burden of parents or sponsors towards their wards education.